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Pool Fence FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Glass Pool Fences and their installation by Caveman are answered here. If you do not find your answer, please feel free to ask the question using the see the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Q. Why are you called CAVEMAN?
Many years ago John (the owner of the business) used to make Artificial Rock Caves. These are the ones you see at resorts where you can sit inside them or jump off them into the pool. We thought if we are making caves then Caveman would be a suitable name. This kind of work was mostly carried out on new pools which required fencing so it only made sense for us to offer that service as well. Soon the fencing took over and the artificial rock work was fazed out. In this time we became well known in the swimming pool industry for our quality glass fencing and our professional service so we decided to keep the Caveman name.
Q. How high are your pool fences?
Our fences are 1200mm high which is the standard height requirement. In some circumstances the height of the fence needs to be higher depending if there are any objects within the vicinity of the fence that could be used as a step to get over the fence. When we come out to do the free quote and site inspection we will inform you of any such situations.
Q. How thick and strong is the glass in your semi frameless glass pool fencing?
Our glass is 8mm thick which exceeds the minimum requirement of 6mm glass. Our toughened glass is premium quality as we have our own quality control during the manufacturing process, guaranteeing perfectly flat sheets of glass with bevelled edges, therefore our glass fencing sheets have no sharp edges, no markings and no warping. The clear toughened safety glass is made to Australian Standards and is very strong and can withstand a huge amount of force. In the unlikely event that the toughened safety glass did break it is designed to break into thousands of small less harmful pieces.
Q. What types of posts and what colours are available in your semi-frameless glass pool fencing?
The most common posts we use are powder coated aluminium posts. Powder coating is one of the most durable exterior finishes available and is suitable for all weather conditions. You have a choice of Round or Square posts and 50+ colours to choose from.
We also have Marine Anodised posts. These look very similar to stainless steel but without the problems associated with stainless. Unlike Stainless Steel Posts, Marine Anodised posts won’t get a tea stain look and won’t get orange specks appearing. Marine anodised posts are highly polished aluminium which goes through a chemical process and is finished off with two protective coatings.
Q. Can the glass pool fence be installed on a tiled or concrete area?
Yes, we core drill holes through tiles, pavers and concrete to install the posts. The core drill is diamond tipped so no matter how hard your concrete or tiles are we can core drill through the material without any damage to surrounding tiles, concrete or pavers.
Q. Can the semi-frameless glass pool fence be installed onto a timber deck?
Yes, we have posts with flange plates which bolt to the timber deck.
Q. Can you install glass fencing on my lawn and or garden?
Yes, we dig holes and make concrete footings into which the posts are installed.
Q. Does your glass pool fencing comply with the relevant Australian Standards.
Yes, our pool fencing complies with and exceeds the Australian standards requirements for pool fencing.
Q. Does the pool fence comply with Council requirements?
Yes, our fences will always comply with council requirements. We have a team of experienced, licensed installers with whom you can’t go wrong.
Your council will follow the Australian Standards Guidelines but it is always a good idea to check with you local council if they have any special requirements.
We also provide compliance certificates if requested by Council or Private Certifier.
Q. How safe are your pool gates?
Our gates exceed Australian Standards requirements. The Safety Latch is on the other side (pool side) of the gate and is 300mm down from the top. The latch must be pulled sideways making it hard for young children to reach and work out how to open the gate. Just like our fencing, the gates are 8mm thick.
Q. What size are the pool gates?
The pool gates are 875mm wide. Just to compare, the standard widths of the doors in you house are 800mm.
Q. We may require some flat top aluminium fencing to go with our glass fencing. Do you do this?
Yes, we often fence one or two sides of the pool with glass fencing and then the remaining section with flat top aluminium fencing. Sometimes, especially if a section of fencing will not be seen from your entertaining area or if some fencing is required at the side of your house for example it is feasible to have some flat top aluminium pool fencing.
Q. Do I require a handrail or top rail for my glass pool fence?
You only require a handrail or top rail if there is a drop of one metre or more. I.e. the fence is going on a veranda that is a metre or more higher than ground level, a retaining wall that is a metre or more higher than ground level or a timber deck that is a metre or more higher than ground level etc.
Q. My question is not covered in your FAQ’s, can you help me?
Yes, please call us on: (02)9625-3383 or send us an email with your question to:
Q. How do I arrange to get a no obligation free quote for my glass pool fence?
Please call us on: (02)9625-3383 or send us an email with your preferred days and times.

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